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Broadway, I have ONE request


MORE: Beautiful original TRUE musical theatre scores like The Bridges of Madison County
LESS: Jukebox musicals every season. No one needs Sting on Broadway.

As of now, Broadway is commercialized and will not thrive like it does now without jukebox/movie based/etc musicals. The large majority of theatre-goers are tourists. Although original work is most appreciated, familiar material help to make keep Broadway alive. We need both for a happy balance. Although I agree that musicals, like Legally Blonde (musical based on a film), are brilliantly well-crafted with an original score, I do think shows like Jersey Boys, Mamma Mia, Motown, and Beautiful bring out another side of theatre that isn’t seen with original work. They show appreciation for work that has come before. Furthermore, each show can bring something new: a documentary-based style with Jersey Boys, jobs for the black theatre community (this isn’t meant to be racist. But truly.) with Motown.

I understand the annoyance with jukebox musicals. (I believe there are only 5 on Broadway currently, with plans of one to close next month.) So, thankfully new-work outshines jukebox musicals on Broadway.

This is just my opinion and wanted to share. :)

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Without [WICKED], I would not have my husband. We literally got married when we were working together on WICKED. We went to the courthouse one afternoon and that night, we were singing “As Long As You’re Mine” as husband and wife. No one knew we had gotten married, it was a quiet thing—weeks later, we had a larger service in Italy, but for that one day, no one knew. There are so many memories that connect us to that show. It shaped the course of our lives.

Stephanie J. Block (via broadwaycom)
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“EQUALITY” scream the white gays with LEGALIZE GAY blazoned across their chests and “NO BLACKS NO ASIANS NO FEMS” blazoned across their grindr profiles


What I dont get is how you can equate social justice to personal preference.
Just because someone wants equality doesn’t mean they have to be attracted to everyone.

I was going to say the same thing, but hoped someone before me had written it. As annoying as it may be that someone does not prefer a certain person based on skin color/personality/character traits, that does not equate to wanting equality or legalization of gay marriage. Sorry.

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