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I understand mutual friendships happen, but if one of your friends continues a friendship with someone who hurt you to the point of heartache…it’s rather difficult to maintain a friendship with said person.

Call it selfish, but being selfish is rather necessary in this life, seeing that no one is truly there for you except yourself.

@JaredGertner: It’s this guy’s birthday today. Love you @gavincreel! #MissionCompanion http://t.co/g3RPudpPEl
@JaredGertner: It’s this guy’s birthday today. Love you @gavincreel! #MissionCompanion http://t.co/g3RPudpPEl

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High School Musical, who says we have to let it go?

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Andrew behave

Omg Andrew is flirting.

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Crushes are a weird thing.

I just want friendship from people.
But controlling feelings isn’t a thing that can be done, they just happen.

Why can’t I just have friends without developing feelings?

It’s honestly annoying.


This is, hands down with no exaggeration, one of the most inspiring and heartfelt collections of advice I have read.

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